Creating Unique Content for Your Social Media Voice (the Beer Edition)

Let’s talk about how you can use social media platforms in a unique way to share your knowledge and voice.

Our guests:
Mandy Naglich – Mandy is a National Homebrew Competition gold medalist and Advanced Cicerone. You can find a variety of food and beverage coverage on her website, Beers With Mandy, and keep up to date on her freelance work on her Twitter account. She infuses aspects of education in much of what she posts, amplifying her expertise and creating unique cross-platform content with Twitter and Instagram.

Doug Veliky – Doug is CFO at Revolution Brewing, but has won NAGBW awards for his writing at Beer Crunchers. You can find creative photos and videos on his Instagram and TikTok accounts, the latter of which he’s long advocated industry peers to use. He’ll share how he built these personas and how it can be worth your while to consider a visual approach to your social media.

Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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