(Amateur) Tax Season Advice from Freelancers

It’s time to build out your year-end financials and review the structure of your earnings. Hear from three NAGBW members who will stack up their collective knowledge block-by-block and help you create a blueprint of how to handle tax season.

Our presenters:

  • Kate Bernot will share a simple, no-Quickbooks-required system for keeping track of invoices and payments, as well as discuss the two types of home office deductions. 
  • Jerard Fagerberg will go through a simple method for categorizing expenses and filling out your Schedule C. He’ll also go over the nuances of line items such as mileage, supplies, and deductible meals
  • Jereme Zimmerman will discuss financial planning and quarterly tax payments, along with self-employment / independent contractor tax deductions.

Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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