What It Takes to Open a Brewery During a Pandemic

Learn the inside scoop on what it takes to open a new business during a pandemic. This conversation can shape your understanding and how to talk to businesses that continue to deal with COVID’s fallout.
• What challenges do entrepreneurs face?
• What does it take to fundraise during an economic downturn?
• How do you find your niche in a beer-rich city?

Hear from the co-founders of Seattle’s Here Today Brewery & Kitchen to learn more.

Our guests:
Mario Cortes, co-founder and head brewer: Mario combines traditional brewing techniques learned early on in his career at large brewers Karbach (Houston) and Harpoon (Boston), along with flavors inspired by his Mexican-American roots.

Dave Riddile, co-founder and marketing and operations director: Dave has spent the last six years in the beer world working in marketing and operations roles, most recently serving as the general manager of Seattle’s No Anchor Bar.

Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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