Meet a Member: Kindsey Bernhard

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Where can people find you on social media?

Where can people find your work? 

Boys Are From Märzen Podcast on Apple, Spotify, and Google. I’m also the taproom manager at Hi-Wire Brewing Louisville.

What topics do you regularly cover? 

Women in beer.

What topics would you like to cover more in the future?

More BIPOC women in beer.

People should consider me an expert on ____ … and why:

I would say I am an expert on managing a taproom, podcasting, and talking to women in beer. Figuring out different ways to grow my career and the Boys Are From Märzen brand. Since starting with Hi-Wire I’ve joined committees within the company and continue to educate myself on how to be a better manager through books, podcasts, etc. I’ve said yes to opportunities like working with Craft Beer Professionals and Arryved that continue to help me grow professionally. I’ve made Boys are from Märzen an LLC and have booked guests who I never dreamt would be a guest on my podcast. Growing my career is easy for me when you truly love what you’re doing. No matter how cliche that sounds.

What’s a favorite thing you’ve created in the last year?

This is like picking a favorite child, but I’ve put out some incredible interviews with women in beer on my podcast. I can’t pick a favorite.

What’s the last great thing you read or heard? (beer or not)

I’ve been catching up on the False Bottomed Girls podcasts and Jen and Rachel are amazing. I also loved reading all the GBH Signifiers stories!

What’s a fun fact, hidden talent, or something you enjoy that has nothing to do with beer?

I am pretty decent at both ping pong and pool. This all thanks to growing up with a brother who is a year older than me.

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