Around the World with Four Writers

A chat with journalists from around the world who cover all things beer. Want to learn about farmhouse beer in Europe? How taxes might impact beer in England and UK cider making? Hear about these topics and more to better understand the latest news that our international colleagues are covering.

Our guests:

Lucy Corne (South Africa)
A freelance beer and travel writer and the editor of On Tap, South Africa’s only beer magazine. She is a BJCP judge, author of two books on South African craft beer, co-founder of the African Beer Cup and the continent’s first certified Cicerone. Lucy lives in Cape Town with her husband and son. Her other great loves are swing dancing, Czech pilsner, and 80s karaoke.

Matthew Curtis (UK)
An award-winning writer and photographer based in Manchester, England. His work has been published in BEER, Ferment, and Good Beer Hunting. Originally from Lincolnshire, he spent 15 years in London, where he discovered his enthusiasm for all things beer. In 2019 he launched his own magazine Pellicle, with long-time friend and brewer, Jonny Hamilton. He is the author of Modern British Beer, published in 2021. He is as deeply enamored with a glass of fresh West Coast IPA as he is with a good pint of Bitter.

Lars Marius Garshol (Norway)
A former software engineer, he gave that up to work full-time on researching and writing about traditional farmhouse brewing. He’s spent the last decade researching aspects of brewing at remote farms throughout northern Europe. He is the author of Larsblog, a blog devoted to sharing his discoveries and travels. He also published the book Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing, and a book on Lithuanian beer. He lives with his wife and daughter in Rælingen, Norway.

Don Tse (Canada)
A freelance writer based in Calgary, Alberta, Don has covered the beer industry for over a decade. He’s a BJCP National Beer Judge and has judged professional and home-brew competitions around the world. He’s written for publication that include Craft Beer & Brewing, YYScene, Ale Street News, All About Beer, and has offered insight on the industry to numerous news organizations as well.

Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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