Takeaways from the Center for Independent Journalists Conference

The Guild recently provided registration for a few members to attend the virtual Center for Independent Journalists Conference, which focused on insights and expertise for freelance journalists. The organization offers resources to help professionals improve skills and hone career strategy, as well as provide mentoring, networking and community.

Guild director Bryan Roth chatted with Hollie Stephens and Emily Wang about their experience with the conference and takeaways for other members. In this short conversation, you’ll hear some tips on how to apply your expertise, consider new pitching opportunities, and the creation and use of contracts.

Among her takeaways, Hollie noted that panelists from a session on contracts pointed out that many standard freelance contracts can be based on a “work made for hire” agreement where the freelancer typically retains no rights to use the work again. This could be problematic if the writer wants to develop that content later as part of a larger project, like a book. In cases like this, journalists should consider if and when they can use their work again, and ask if there’s a different version of a contract already drafted and available.

Author: Bryan Roth

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