Meet a Member: Jeremy Banas

In “Meet a Member,” we highlight the people who make up the North American Guild of Beer Writers. It’s a chance to learn more about the wide collection of journalists, podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers who cover the industry. See and archive of these Q&A profiles.

Author Jeremy Banas holds a beer while seated at a table with books on it

Where can people find you on social media?

@ruinationpress on Twitter and Instagram

Where can people find your work?

San Antonio Magazine, San Antonio Current,,, True Brew Magazine, the now-defunct Beer Advocate Magazine, Craft Beer & Brewing

What topics do you regularly cover?

Everything from the political side of beer to the social and technical sides.

What topics would you like to cover more in the future?

How recent trends relate to historical trends; diversity, equity, and inclusion in beer; and heritage breweries.

What’s a favorite thing you’ve created in the last year?

Releasing my third book, “Celis Beer: Born in Belgium, Brewed In Texas” on the story of Pierre Celis, his historical influence, and Witbier.

What’s the last great thing you read or heard? (beer or not)

A book on Abraham Lincoln entitled “Team of Rivals.”

How did you get into covering beer?

My uncle has been a wine writer for 30 years, so I thought “I love beer, let’s cover that.”

What’s a fun fact, hidden talent, or something you enjoy that has nothing to do with beer?

I love vinyl and spinning records. I run vinyl night at a local brewery in San Antonio.

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