Story Core: Behind the Scenes of a Narrative, Reported Podcast

April 25, 2023
8:00 p.m. ET

Join us on April 25 for a presentation and Q&A with two seasoned audio storytelling professionals: producer Yumi Araki and host Kevin Pang from America’s Test Kitchen’s podcast, Proof.

They’ll discuss how to tell a compelling, reported narrative about food by peeling back the curtain on how they create episodes for their award-winning podcast. 


About our guests:

Kevin Pang is the host of Proof. He’s the Editorial Director of Digital at America’s Test Kitchen, and host of Hunger Pangs — a Chinese cooking series — on YouTube. He’s a winner of the James Beard Award, and director of “For Grace,” a documentary that premiered at South by Southwest 2015.

Yumi Araki is the managing producer of podcasts at America’s Test Kitchen where she commissions and edits stories for the award-winning narrative podcast, Proof. She is a recovering journalist, and the host of the 2020 docuseries Deciphering Japan.

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