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Jan. 30

Two Tickets to Paradise… How to Create Unique Travel Writing (for a Post-COVID World)

Join us at 2 p.m. ET on Saturday, Jan. 30 for a discussion worth daydreaming about … travel. Learn ways to approach destination-focused journalism and how to best bring a place, its people, and culinary culture to life.

Our guests:

  • Claire Bullen – Editor in chief at Good Beer Hunting. She’s a freelance writer and editor based in London who specializes in food, drink, and travel writing, and is the author of “The Beer Lover’s Table: Seasonal Recipes and Modern Beer Pairings.”
  • Chris O’Leary – One of the most well-traveled beer lovers you’ve probably met, Chris has visited 2,074 breweries in all 50 U.S. states and 22 countries. He’s the voice behind Brew York, covering the New York City beer scene.


Feb. 13

Who Are You Talking To? Covering a Changing Beer Industry and Its People

Join us at 2 p.m. ET Feb. 13 for a conversation on writing about a beer industry increasingly focused on diversity and equity. We’ll talk about how this connects to drinkers, producers, and ways you can be more inclusive in your coverage.

Our guests: 

  • Lily Waite – A London-based freelance beer writer, photographer, visual artist, and the founder of The Queer Brewing Project, an LGBTQ-focused non-profit collaborative beer initiative. 
  • Holly Regan – A journalist who shares the stories of underrepresented people through the universal experience of food and beverage. They currently live in Seattle.


Feb. 16

Stephanie Grant on Building Trust and Reporting on Sensitive Topics

Join us at 7 p.m. ET Feb. 16. As one of NAGBW’s recipients of the 2020 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant, Stephanie Grant wrote “Creating Safe Spaces for Women in the Beer Industry.” She shared stories from women who encountered harassment and situations that put their safety at risk. Hear from Stephanie about the challenges of reporting the story, and the importance of having these stories told.


Feb. 24

Why Beer Matters, and Why Stories Matter for Beer: A Chat with Rob Tod and Jason Perkins of Allagash Brewing

Join us at 7 p.m. ET Feb. 24 as we shift our attention to the “why” of our 5 Ws series, we start with two of the industry’s biggest names as we chat with Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing, and Jason Perkins, brewmaster at Allagash. We’ll talk about the “why” behind the brewery, their process of conceptualizing beers, and why exploration matters.

Come with questions for an open Q&A, but you’re welcome to submit your questions ahead of time in the form below.


March 4

Reflections on 2020 with Marcus Baskerville: Creating Black is Beautiful, Surviving a Pandemic, and Experiences with the Press

Join us at 7 p.m. ET March 4 for a chat with Marcus Baskerville, brewer and co-founder of San Antonio’s Weathers Souls Brewing. Marcus was the man behind one of the biggest industry efforts of last year, launching Black is Beautiful collaboration beer. We’ll talk with him about why that was important, why he embraced his new role as a leading industry voice, and (***relevant to journalists***) his experiences talking to the media so you can take away tips to put to use.


March 18

Beer. Diversity. A Chat on Being an Advocate and How to Talk About Equity

Join us at 8 p.m. ET March 18 for a conversation with Ren Navarro, an industry veteran and founder of Beer. Diversity. We’ll hear from Ren about working as an educator and advocate in Canada’s beverage alcohol scene and tips on how to effectively talk about diversity and equity, whether as an interviewer or interviewee. 


March 29

Interviewing an Interviewer: Jesse Thorn

You’ve heard his name numerous times in our Happy Hour chats. Now you finally get to talk to him directly. Join us at 7 p.m. ET March 29 for a conversation with Jesse Thorn, host of NPR’s “Bullseye with Jesse Thorn” and the oft-cited “The Turnaround with Jesse Thorn.


April 15

Connecting to Beer and Each Other: Averie Swanson on the Process and Positivity of Keeping Together

Join us at 8:30 p.m. ET April 15 for a chat with Averie Swanson, a Master Cicerone, former head brewer at Jester King, and founder of Keeping Together, a business she describes as “a collaboration between myself and the mixed culture of yeast and bacteria used to make [beer], as well as a collaboration with the people who are experiencing the beer through their own unique lens of memory.⁣⁣⁣”

Hear from Averie about why her passion, process, and positivity led to her newest project in Chicago, what’s she’s learned over her years of brewing, and what you can take away to help with your own understanding and reporting.