The Complexity of Mexican Lagers and Latinx People

Many magazines, journalists, marketers tend to think of Latinx people as a single, homogenous group, but Latinx folks represent 33 distinct countries between Central and South American and the Caribbean. Despite that range, just one style of beer, the Mexican Lager, has seemingly been nominated to represent them all, backgrounds and countries of origin notwithstanding.

As part of the Diversity in Beer Writing Grant series, Ashley Rodriguez has written a story exploring this disparity.

About Ashley Rodriguez: She is an award-winning writer and podcaster based in Chicago. She’s the former online editor of Barista Magazine, the industry’s leading trade magazine, and was the podcast producer and content manager for Good Beer Hunting. She now runs her own podcast and accompanying newsletter, Boss Barista, examining issues of employee empowerment and workplace equity in the service industry and beyond.

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Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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