Thank you.

Thank you. Thanks for your friendship among this group, sharing your expertise, and always pushing how we get better to tell exciting stories from the world of beer and beyond.

This year has offered the Guild a lot for which we can be thankful! I wanted to highlight a small number of ways we see the work we’re all doing benefit this group and everyone who read, listen, and watch your work.

You can always keep up with what we’re sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. And if you’re not yet a member, consider joining us to be a part of all of what you see below and more.

Reporter’s Notebook

Have you visited our blog? We compile all our news and event recaps for your easy access. It’s also where we list all our virtual events which are great ways to enhance your skills and hear from writers, industry pros, and more. We have an event this Saturday!


Since Jan. 1, we’ve posted 33 videos on our YouTube channel with people like:

  • Averie Swanson
  • Ren Navarro
  • Jesse Thorn
  • Rob Tod and Jason Perkins
  • Marcus Baskerville
  • Craft Maltsters Guild

Experts on beer law, pitching publications, more

On topics like:

  • Developing interview skills
  • Understanding news of the day
  • Covering diversity and inclusion
  • How to improve story pitches
  • … and lots more

Diversity in Beer Writing Grant Series

This effort has grown beyond what we ever expected, and in partnership with and with added support from Allagash, we’ve published 11 stories since 2018.

2021 published stories by Jonathan Andrade, Jen Blair, Holly Regan, and Ashley Rodriguez. See the work of all our grant recipients:

Mentor Program

Whether you’re new to covering beer or been writing and talking about it for decades, we can all benefit from each other’s experiences. Our mentor program connects pairs of members so they can share knowledge and get better at what they do. This year we connected 60 members. Want to share your experience as a mentor or learn as a mentee? Share your info here

NAGBW Reading Program

Whenever we host an author as part of our virtual happy hour gatherings, we encourage members to purchase their book to learn and be a part of lively conversation. To help you always learn, we offer a 50% reimbursement when you buy a book as part of this program! We always list this information in our weekly newsletters and on our event page.

Weekly Newsletter

Speaking of our newsletter, a special thank you to Kate Bernot who has helped compile all the great info you find in every newsletter. Along with weekly updates, we also share unique benefits for members, like access to outside events and conferences. 

Thank you, all, for the work you do and support you give to each other.
If you want to help us prepare for another amazing year in 2022, take two minutes to complete this survey that can help our leadership group plan for next year.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all soon online.

Best to you and your loved ones,

Bryan Roth
NAGBW Director

Author: Bryan Roth

Beer enthusiast and homebrewer.

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