Meet a Member: Matthew Curtis

In “Meet a Member,” we highlight the people who make up the North American Guild of Beer Writers. It’s a chance to learn more about the wide collection of journalists, podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers who cover the industry. See and archive of these Q&A profiles.

Where can people find you on social media?

@totalcurtis on Twitter and Instagram.

Where can people find your work?

As well as publishing on my own magazine, Pellicle, I have regular freelance columns for Ferment, BEER, Hop Burns & Black, plus a handful of others. Despite running Pellicle my bread and butter remains my freelancing, which is largely writing, with a little photography, and hopefully a bit more podcast/audio, as my own show—The Pellicle Podcast—grows.

What topics do you regularly cover? 

I mostly write about beer and pubs from a culture perspective, but do a little reporting from time to time. I have also covered cider, wine, food, and spirits, but largely it’s all about the beer!

What topics would you like to cover more in the future?

Something I’d like to potentially have is a regular reporting gig, breaking down news topics (specifically in the UK beer scene) and helping people understand why these things matter. It’s my feeling that this kind of beer writing is really underserved in the UK, but the other issue is that there aren’t really very many outlets with the budget, or desire to invest in this kind of reporting.

People should consider me an expert on ____ … and why:

I don’t consider myself an expert in anything. I’m an enthusiast who is pretty good at expressing that enthusiasm. Every day is a learning day.

What’s a favorite thing you’ve created in the last year?

It would have to be my first full length beer book, Modern British Beer, of which I am immensely proud. In terms of features I am really pleased with how my profile of Sheffield’s St. Mars of the Desert Brewery turned out, and also because it picked up a NAGBW silver award!

What’s the last great thing you read or heard? (beer or not)

I really enjoyed Ruvani de Silva’s piece profiling Community Cultures Yeast Lab in San Antonio, Texas. As well as being factual and interesting, the writer’s enthusiasm was practically dripping off the page, which made it all the more engaging.

What’s a fun fact, hidden talent, or something you enjoy that has nothing to do with beer?

I’m a pretty decent guitar player and I used to be the guitarist in a band called Brontosaurus Chorus!

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