Send Us Your Pitch

Learn more about The Reporter’s Notebook and its purpose in this post.

Pitches can be submitted through this Google Form, and do not need to be about COVID-19. We encourage everyone to share ideas for original stories. If you do have a story idea related to the COVID-19 response, as best you can please focus your pitch on novel or local story angles that haven’t already been told.

The blog isn’t a place where you’ll find breaking news, lengthy features, or reviews of beers or products. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Quality reporting
  • Tight interviews
  • Personal essays
  • Well-informed commentary
  • Poignant narratives about small, striking moments

Again, anyone can pitch in the following areas by completing this Google Form.

  • Stories (300–500 words)
  • Photo essays (3–5 pictures, 200–300 words)
  • Video (60–90 seconds)

Contributors will be paid $50–$100 per post, depending on the content. Reporters are expected to fact-check, respond to edits, and follow AP Style.